Periodontal Therapy

Our services seek to provide you with integrative, friendly, and comfortable treatment to meet your periodontal needs.

Our goal is to serve you with the most effective care possible in order to treat your gums. We seek to provide you with comfortable treatment and clear expectations that will save you the stress before and after any operation. To facilitate a quick and healthy recovery, please read these instructions carefully. 

Non Surgical Treatments

LANAPⓇ Laser Gum Disease Treatment

The LANAP is a minimally invasive way to treat gum disease. This laser protocol is an alternative to the traditional scalpel. Since there is no cutting or need for sutures, LANAP is gentle and offers a quicker healing time. It is also the only FDA certified protocol that regenerates.


LAPIP is a non-surgical treatment option for gum disease around ailing dental implants. It uses the same advanced laser technology as LANAP to target and remove bacteria and infected tissue, promoting healing and regeneration of the gums.


Bringing Biology to oral surgery.

Biologics are materials like Emdogain(R), or your own cells, PRP, and PRF in the application. They are used for gingival regeneration, extractions, bone augmentation, infection healing, and others. Biologics lead to  better comparable long-term clinical results, as well as improved patient comfort and shorter healing times.

Surgical Treatments 

Tooth Extractions 

Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved or it needs to be removed to make way for a dental implant. Our tooth extractions are minimally invasive extraction, and do not damage the surrounding gum and bone.

Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening is used when needed for corrective treatment. Our doctor gently removes the overing gums or bone tissue to further expose the tooth crown if there is too much bone or gum tissue surrounding it. 

Gingival Grafting

Gum grafting can be necessary to save your teeth from the effects of gum recession. Typically, tissue from the roof of your mouth is stitched directly to the gums surrounding the exposed tooth root.

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are often the best option for tooth replacement since success rates are so high. Our doctor places the implants precisely in your jaw to strongly support a single crown, a bridge or a denture. We offer both Titanium and Zirconia implants.